Erica Kastner · September 22, 2007

This weekend has been an applelicious weekend! Today, Julie and I went to the Michigan Apple Festival to pick some apples, grab some donuts, guzzle cider, and savor an apple dumpling with ice cream. We then passed out on the couch/la-z boy. We picked some Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Macoum, and Jonagolds. I think if I were alive prior to the industrial revolution, I would have been an apple picker. I think it would be the funnest job ever - hunting for apples and reaching way up to get them.

What also made this an applelicious weekend is that Julie and I drove out to Grand Rapids last night. Grand Rapids is not only the home of Gerald Ford, but also the home of our closest Apple store. For my birthday, Julie bought me a 4GB iPhone! Best present evar!

I’m just amazed how Apple came into a pretty well-established industry and totally showed up the competition. The phone is so intuitive and feature-rich. It also worked out nicely because Julie had lost her cell phone a while ago. While I had bought a pay-as-you-go phone (and swapped out the SIM card with her AT&T card) as a cheap replacement, it just wasn’t doing the trick. So now she can use my old Samsung phone.

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