Back to an Old Friend

Erica Kastner · January 14, 2008

Last year I set up my old Athlon 850 as a MythTV (both front and back-end) box. With a PVR-150 and a PVR-250 installed, it was a passable DVR running Mythdora. During our transition to Michigan, it fell out of use. One day I tried to upgrade to MythTV .20 but the Mythdora installation that supported it did not allow me to use the older NVidia drivers and so it would freeze up when XOrg launched. When DataDirect started charging for channel listings. I gave up on the project completely. I put my PC into permanent retirement.

But then, like the Army coming back to ask John Rambo for help, I coaxed my old PC to help me one more time. Its mission: to run IEs4Linux to aid in some part-time freelancing. I tried to install MythTV .19 and have my MythTV along with IEs4Linux, but the LVM volume kept corrupting for some reason. I then installed Fedora Core 4 and now everything is running beautifully.

While I had signed up for some shared hosting for my domain, the service has proved to be unreliable, so I’ve just decided to host my own sites. It’ll be a better learning experience, too, as I’ll get to work with git, capistrano, and perhaps mongrel/nginx.

Once you get Linux working, it really is a pleasure to work with.

Next step: find a way to get my Airport Express to act as an ethernet-to-wireless bridge and WDS repeater simultaneously.

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