BackgrounDRb 1.0.4 Considerations

Erica Kastner · July 18, 2008

Today I gleefully updated BackgrounDRb to 1.0.4 after I learned that a new release was out that supported clustered BDRb servers.  I quickly learned that regiester_status has been removed.  That’s right.  All that code that sends data from your workers to your app need to be refactored to put data into cache[job_key].  This approach is more thread-safe, however.  Perhaps you could even write your own wrapper that puts data into cache on a call to register_status.

All in all, however, there are some really cool new features related to clustering.  I was starting to think for a while that BDRb had been abandoned and that Bj was the new way to go.  This release clearly puts BackgrounDRb on top for spawning asynchronous tasks.

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