Google on the Phone

Erica Kastner · May 4, 2007

When I first got my cell phone a few months ago, I tried browsing to GMail since I finally had a phone that could handle it. While checking my mail, I noticed a link advertising their GMail app. I downloaded it and ran it. Very cool! It’s just like using GMail on your PC (well almost). You can easily access messages and do all the GMail things you can do with your PC. Sweet!

Another app I found was Google Maps for cell phones. I had tried going to Google maps with my phone’s web browser, but lo and behold! A link to a Google maps app for cell phones! I promptly installed it. It’s just as smooth as Google maps for PC and it’s great to basically have a nav system right on your phone. It gives directions and finds businesses (but it won’t route you in real time).

The applications have come in handy up here in Lansing. At work, they heavily restrict our internet usage, so it’s nice to be able to check and respond to important emails during the day. Last night, my wife had given me directions to a Kinko’s to fax some loan documents. When I got there, there was a sign saying it was closed due to loss of power. I fired up Google Maps and found the other Kinko’s across town.

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