DOT Compliance Product, 2019

Client: Mid-sized startup, San Francisco, CA

Led a small team to plan and deliver a new product to certify delivery drivers under DOT compliance rules. Performed product inception that explored the legal requirements, technical landscape, and product requirements. Acted as technical lead, business analyst, and project manager for the project. Delivered an MVP on time.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, SAP, Mulesoft

Data Provider Migration, 2019

Client: Mid-sized startup, San Francisco, CA

Technical lead for a project to switch data providers processing background checks on thousands of applications per day. Provided architectural guidance, test strategy, and agile development coaching to a mixed team of consultant and client developers. Also provided coaching and mentorship to junior developers. Coordinated technical strategy with a third party data vendor. Wrote supporting tools to A/B test data from each provider. Successfully performed an incremental, zero-downtime switch to the new provider. Provided organization-wide architectural guidance.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, Go, Kafka

Greenfield Fintech Product, 2018

Client: Small fintech startup, Charleston, SC

Technical lead for a trade data archival system designed to store and analyze trade data from all major stock exchanges. Worked under strict compliance and security requirements on a tight deadline.

Guided design and implemented a hardware MFA solution to allow government monitors and public researches to access data. Led an offshore team to deliver a user administration portal.

Technologies: Python, Angular.js, Yubikey, LDAP

Managed Network Security Product, 2018

Client: Small fintech startup, New York, NY

Worked as technical lead on a greenfield network intrusion monitoring system that combined malware detection and dark web monitoring. Worked closely with product owners and experience designers to build an MVP through a lean, design thinking process. Provided technical leadership and mentorship to developers. Led implementation of CI/CD infrastructure.